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For fans of... Maxïmo Park, The Futureheads, The The, Orange Juice

“…poised, dramatic songwriting, outwardly spiky but retaining a romantic core.” – Clash

“..anthemic,, indie-electro rock a la Bloc Party.” – The Revue

“…POLSKY are most certainly ones to watch.” - GigSlutz

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My Own Company is a frenetic journey of post-punk urgency, electro hysteria and a shaky egg, as you accompany the protagonist trying to find their place in the world whilst negotiating a maelstrom of mass consumerism, media bombardment, social pressures and "the fear that your decaff skinny mocha-frappe no-foam venti won’t be served at precisely 63 degrees".

Join POLSKY. Embrace their manifesto. Live their ethos. Dance their dance. All applications considered.



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