POLSKY at Paper Dress Vintage, London

Venue Paper Dress Vintage



Paper Dress Presents an evening of wonderful live music from our unique shop window stage in Hackney Central. On Saturday 4 June we welcome...

Japanese Brazilian Funky Psychedelic Rock 'n Roll!

Invented by Chris Warren as a vehicle for his musical creations, POLSKY has grown from laptop electronics to a full pop band. Warren has imagined the band as a corporation and appointed himself as C.E.O., joined by Senior Synth Architect Ben Warn, Rhythm Logistics Engineer Alex Robertson and Bass Systems Analyst Chris Norman.

The debut album "My Own Company" tells a story of the protagonist walking through the confusion and anxieties of the modern age.

Combining Warren’s lyrical story telling with post-punk urgency, electro hysteria and a shaky egg the POLSKY manifesto demands your attention and invites you to dance.

POLSKY Corp. is a band for the people, by some people.

Chris Warren - CEO (vocals, guitar)
Ben Warn - Synth Architect (keyboards)
Chris Norman - Senior Low Frequency Analyst (bass)
Alex Robertson - Rhythm Logistics Engineer (drums)

Country / Rockabilly / Tex-Mex / Garage

We're running this event on a 'Pay What You Want' / Donations basis on the door - If you want to read more about why we're doing that then have a quick read here: http://paperdressvintage.co.uk/live-music-manifesto

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